Dagboek dracht Diary from first day in heat till birth
Stevie and McKai 2013

10 November 2013
8 weeks pregnant. Her weight is 22,7 kg and her belly is 74 cm.
Stevie is doing great.


 3 November 2013
7 weeks pregnant. Her weight is more than 20,9 kg (the scale does not exceed more than 21kg) and her belly is 70 cm.
She is getting puppy food and some meat extra. Her appetite is good... or better said... she is hungry!! She still likes to walk but the long walks are to much for her. We also felt the puppies moving.... that's such an amazing feeling!!



 28 October 2013
Her weight is 19,25 kg and her belly has grown from 57 cm to 64cm!! She is doing great.



 20 October 2013
5 weeks pregnant. Her weight is 18,06 kg and her belly is 57 cm.



10 October 2013
YES, good news. Stevie is pregnant!!!!!!

The signs were there but now we know it for sure!! We expect puppies around 17 November!



16 September 2014
2nd mating. Now we have to cross our fingers. On 10 October Stevie will have an ultrasound!


15 September 2014
First day of the mating between Stevie and McKai



14 September 2013
Progesterone 9.7 ng/ml.


13 September 2013
Progesterone 5.1 ng/ml.


10 September 2013
First time to the vet for a progresterone test.
Progesterone 1.38 ng/ml. Weight is 17.2kg


1 September 2013
Stevie in heat

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