Italian-Litter, 1-2 weeks
We have decided the puppies names and of course they will be on Italian.

The males:
Alba Nuadh Con Fuoso Di Stevie (With Fire)
Alba Nuadh Vigoroso Di Stevie (Powerful)

The females:
Alba Nuadh Con Forza Di Stevie (With Power)
Alba Nuadh Eliana Di Stevie (Sun)
Alba Nuadh Sienna Di Stevie (Red-Brown Of Colour)
Alba Nuadh Agile Di Stevie (Fast)
Alba Nuadh Soave De Stevie (Sweet)

Green boy, 739 gram.
Ofwhite girl, 726 gram.
Blue boy, 744 gram.
Red girl, 705 gram.
Orange girl, 726 gram.
Purple girl, 729 gram.

Pink girl, 766 gram.

Hup Holland Hup!!! We are ready!!! :) (UEFA EURO 2012)
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