A-Litter, 8 weeks with their new owners
Now 3 of us are moving out..
Alba Nuadh Angus Na Mayla "Fayko".
Owners: Aad and Danielle, Bergentheim.
Alba Nuadh Adhamh Na Mayla "Google".
Owners: Marisa and Vincent, Eindhoven.
Alba Nuadh Aiden Na Mayla "Aiden".
Aiden will stay here 3 weeks more before he moves to
Anne-Louise, Malin and Fredrik in Sweden.
Alba Nuadh Alroy Na Mayla "Funk".
Owners: Rob, Nanon, Eva and Puk, Veldhoven.

Alba Nuadh Abby Na Mayla "Stevie".
Owners: Kelly van Eijndhoven, Son en Breugel.
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