A-Litter, 7-8 weeks
They are 7 weeks old now, just 1 week until they will move to their new homes.
On wednesday the dutch kennelclub came to chip them, so now they have their names.

We introduce..
Alba Nuadh Angus Na Mayla "Fayko" (Yellow boy), 4840 gram.
Alba Nuadh Adhamh Na Mayla "Google" (Black boy), 4700 gram.
Alba Nuadh Aiden Na Mayla "Aiden" (Blue boy), 4230 gram.
Alba Nuadh Alroy Na Mayla "Funk" (Green boy), 4620 gram.

Alba Nuadh Abby Na Mayla "Stevie" (Red girl), 3600 gram.
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