A-Litter, 4-5 weeks
Already 4 weeks old. Time flies!

We also have to change their names so that the dutch kennelclub would accept them..
It's the same name but we put "Na Mayla" after, which means From Mayla.
The males:
Alba Nuadh Alroy Na Mayla (Redheaded Boy)
Alba Nuadh Aiden Na Mayla (Little Fire)
Alba Nuadh Adhamh Na Mayla (Red Earth)
Alba Nuadh Angus Na Mayla (Outstanding)
The female:
Alba Nuadh Abby Na Mayla (Fathers Joy)
Yellow boy, 2460 gram.
Black boy, 2490 gram.
Blue boy, 2210 gram.
Green boy, 2290 gram.

Red girl, 1950 gram.
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